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BEYOND Certificates

Track proofs, certificates as well as trainings and further education of your employees


Our app allows you to track time-limited proofs, certificates, or periodic education and training for your employees.
The time-limited proofs or trainings are stored in Business Central with a validity period on the employee card.

If the employee needs to be retrained or needs to provide a proof, the line is highlighted in red on the employee card.
On the employee card, you can filter for expired, valid, or all proofs. You also have the possibility to print a report for one or all employees. 

Below you will find some examples of how to use the app.


Safety Briefings

The employer must instruct his employees at regular intervals on safety and health protection in the workplace. It is recommended that this instruction annually.

With our app, you can create a proof of this briefing in Business Central and store a participation date for the employee on the employee card. When the set end date for the briefing has expired, the instruction is highlighted in red on the employee card.


Driver's license checks

If your employees regularly drive company vehicles on public roads, you should introduce a driver's license check. With the driver's license check, you can prevent employees from driving your vehicles without a valid driver's license.

The extension allows you to create a check in Business Central and to implement an interval at which the driver's licenses are checked.

If the employee needs to show his license again, the corresponding line on his employee card in BC is highlighted in red.

First aider training

As part of workplace safety, companies are responsible for the training and continuing education of first aiders.

First aiders should receive further training every 2 years.

You can store the interval for the further training of first aiders in Business Central and thus see at a glance whether the first aiders need to be trained again.

Covid 19


The extension can also be used for documenting evidence or proofs for specific protective measures at the workplace.


You can store the proof of a negative test or a vaccination certificate on the employee card in Business Central and assign a validity period. 

When the validity of the proof or the vaccination protection period expires, the corresponding line in the certifications on the employee card is highlighted in red.


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