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Create your own Workflow in Business Central

Workflows offer you the opportunity to map business processes without any programming effort. You don't need an app to set up Business Central to send notifications to users or, for example, to set up BC to send an approval request to a manager (for large orders). Business Central comes with a lot of default triggers and conditions to cover many use cases.

In this blog post, we will show you how you can create a simple workflow in Business Central to notify one or more users and request an approval from a manager. Let's start with the basics first. Every workflow consists of three main characteristics:

an event, a condition and a corresponding response.

The event is the trigger for the workflow.

The condition is linked to the event and describes the circumstances under which a response should take place.

The response is the action that the system performs when the trigger and condition are met.

create Workflow User Group

First thing to do if you want to create an approval workflow is to setup the users and user groups for your workflow. If you just want to create a notification workflow, you do not need any workflow user groups. To create a workflow user group, proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to the Workflow User Groups page.

  • Click on New, to create a new workflow user group.

  • Enter a code and a description for the workflow user group.

Workflow User Group
Workflow User Group
  • In the User Name column, select the user who should be involved in the workflow.

  • Once you have added the first user, this user is assigned the value 1 in the Sequence No. column. This sequence is used for approval workflows and allows you to build a hioerarchy for users who are able to give the approval for the workflow.

  • Add all the users who are involved in the approval workflow.

You have created a workflow user group.


Business Central offers different ways to create a workflow. You can create a new workflow from scratch, use a workflow template, copy an exsisting workflow or import an exsisting workflow. In this section we will create an approval workflow which will be triggered when a customer record is edited. The response is triggered when the credit limit for a customer is increased.

  • Navigate to the Workflows page.

  • Expand the dropdown list of the New Workflow from Template option.

  • From the displayed options, select New.

  • A new Workflow card is displayed.

Create a new workflow
Create a new workflow
  • Enter a code and a description for the Event Conditions window is displayed.

Event Conditions window
Event Conditions window
  • To link the condition to a field value, click on the Add a condition for when a field value changes option at the bottom of the window.

  • In the Field input field, specify the field for which the workflow should be triggered if the field value is changed. In our example we specified Credit Limit (ID 20).

Event Conditions specified
Event Conditions specified
  • We set the condition for the field value to Increased and clicked OK.

  • Back to the workflow card we enter the response of the workflow.

  • In the Then Response column click on the <Select Response> value.

  • The Workflow Responses window is displayed. Click in the Select Response field and select the response. In our example we chose the Create an approval request for the record using approver type %1 and %2 option.

Select workflow response
Select workflow response
  • You have additional options to edit the response in detail. We chose Workflow User Group for the Approver Field field and specified our created our created workflow user group.

Additional options for the workflow response
Additional options for the workflow response
  • You can also add more responses if you click the Add more responses option or you select more steps.

You have created a workflow user group and setup a workflow to request an approval when the credit limit of a customer is increased.

And if you want to have a personal role center in which you can see how many approvement request you have to decide you might should check out our app BEYOND Cues. A tool to customize the rolecenter with cues to your needs. BeyondCues for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - YouTube

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