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How-To USE Search-and-Replace Regex in VS Code

or even: How-To solve usage of implicit 'with' in VS Code AL0604 for fields in pages.

AL(AL0604): Use of implicit 'with' will be removed in the future. Qualify with 'Rec.'. This warning will become an error in a future release.

Hey guys,

you might now that VS Code supports usage of search-and-replace regular expressions?

If you want to know how this reg-ex works, just visit:

Open your search dialog CTRL+H

Simply use this in your 'Find'-Statement:

(\w*field\(.*; ?)(.*\))

and this in your 'Replace'-Statement:


and hit the "Use Regular-Expression" Button (ALT+R)

Your matching lines will be marked:

Replace it and you are fine:

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