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BC, your local Docker and missing Functions due to missing SSL

Have you ever tried to take a look at the phone / tablet client by using your browser?

Let's start from scratch and start your local environment. In this case I setup a new docker container without SSL:

  1. Install Docker [if necessary]

  2. Enable Hyper V in Bios/Windows [if necessary]

  3. Run Windows Powershell as Administrator

  4. Install BCContainerhelper [Install-Module BCContainerHelper]

  5. Run New-BCContainerWizard and enter the required parameters [New-BCContainerWizard]

  6. After some while your container is ready

Open your browser and your local bc container address, in my case:


Or even a specific table or page:


More details about Opening the Business Central Tablet or Phone Client from a Browser: here

Select a specific contact and open the card:

To see the phone client use this:


On that beautiful Factbox "Contact Picture" we miss one function called "Take" (Take a Picture)

Without SSL:

With SSL:

Jump into your Edge or Chrome Browser and look for some experimental flags like:



Restart your Browser and try to take your photo by using your local device/webcam:

"Use" it:

And you are fine:

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