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Edit Records Directly in BC

You can easily extend the web client url to open tables and see all records by following this syntax:


I've created a local docker environment called "de-latest" and

I am opening table 225 "Post Code":

The full web client url has the following syntax:

https://<hostname>[/<aadtenantid>][/<environmentname>]/?[company=<companyname>]&[page|query|report|table=<ID>]&[tenant=<tenantID>]&[mode=<View|Edit|Create>]&[profile=<profileID>]&[customize]&[bookmark=<bookmark>]&[captionhelpdisabled=<0|1>]&[showribbon=<0|1>]&[shownavigation=<0|1>]&[showuiparts=<0|1>]&[showheader=<0|1>]&[isembedded=1]&[pagesize=<number of lines>]&[redirect<0|1>]&[extension=<extensionID>]

More information about all parameters of the web client url:

So this is my "Post Code" table:

I cannot edit, delete or insert any records here... :'(

Hidden Feature:

just open your local instance or your SaaS tenant by using the tablet client:

or if you use SaaS:

And you can magically edit, delete or even insert new records ;-)

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Dmitrij Yudin
Dmitrij Yudin
Jan 23, 2023


It doesn’t work for now on cloud. Only reading

Best Regards, Dmitry

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