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Move Record Link Notes from NAV/BC to BC SaaS

Did you know that Record Link is a system table is not included in the data migration process from NAV/BC OnPrem to BC SaaS/Online?

"During the data migration process, Business Central does not migrate most system tables, users, and permissions."

Please check docs from Microsoft:

Do you want to get them migrated? Here you go:

  1. Check our repository for all our files

  2. Import C50001_RecordLink.txt into your old NAV/BC14 environment, make sure that this object id is free or rename it

  3. Check the file path in that codeunit and run the codeunit to export the file

  4. Include codeunit 50007 "BIT Import Record Links" into your bc app.

  5. Run the codeunit from the Job Queue Entries or implement the run.

Run the codeunit by using "Run once (foreground)" by using Job Queue Entries:

See how it works:

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