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How-To split Objects with powershell

Aktualisiert: 6. Jan. 2022

You want to split your objects by using a simple powershell script?

You can use this Module: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Model.Tools with the command "Split-NAVApplicationObjectFile"

No matter which version of Navision, Dynamics NAV or Business Central in C/AL you are using:

I've build a slow and fast variant ;-) so don't get confused.

$sourcepath = "D:\Source\"
$targetpath = "D:\Target\"
Remove-Item $targetpath*.txt -Recurse -Force
Measure-Command -Expression {  
 Get-ChildItem $sourcepath  -Filter *.txt | Foreach-Object {
 $filepath = $_.FullName
 $lines = Get-Content -Path $filepath
 foreach ($line in $lines) {
 if ($line -match "OBJECT (Table|Report|Codeunit|Page|Query|XMLport|Form|Dataport|MenuSuite) (\d+) (.*)") {
 if ($newfilepath) {
 $arr | Out-File -Append $newfilepath -Encoding default
 $arr = @()
 $newfilepath = (Join-Path -Path $targetpath -ChildPath ($Matches[1].ToLower() + '_' + ('{0:d10}' -f [int]$Matches[2]) + $_.Extension));
 $arr += $line

And see how fast these two functions are:

Get the script here: Split-Objects.ps1:

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